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Whose House? E-HAUS!!!!

Mercoledi, 9 Decembre 2009 12:30, Biblioteca alla Scoula di Lorenzo de’ Medici, Via dei Giglio, Firenze, Italia.

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Wednesday, December 9, 2009 6:30 AM.


So as some of you may know, I was a Resident Advisor (RA) back home at Carolina before I studied abroad. I lived in the Ehringhaus Community on South Campus. I DID apply to RA again when I returned, but did not even remotely begin to suspect that I would be back in Ehaus.

I’ve excitedly told some people from Carolina here, and they don’t understand. “Really,” most of them say, “You’re excited about going back to EHRINGHAUS?!?!?”

They don’t even know. Ehaus is home. And I’ll be there soon.

Ciao, y’all.